Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Dude, Aventinus Dopplebock is hella good. It tastes so rich and fruity and delicious, and the mouthfeel is smooth and thick almost like a liqueur, but it's not cloying, just awesome. It would be really good with rich food. I tried drinking it with oatmeal cookies once, which seemed like it would be a great idea, but the cookies seemed to ruin my palate and the sweet deliciousness of the beer got lost.

We tasted a bunch of beers last night with some mediocre Thai takeout. (Mediocre isn't necessarily a bad thing for Thai takeout; sometimes with that sort of thing you just want it to be inoffensive. Last night's food from Beau Thai (I know, right) was inoffensive and tasty except for the refrigerated-tasting chicken.) I think Thai food is pretty awesome with basically any beer, the flavors go well together but there is enough contrast that the personality of whatever beer you are having still comes through really nicely without getting overwhelmed.

The beers we tried were all over the map. English porter, German dopplebock, Belgian golden ales, American farmhouse ale. It was really fun. Beer tasting is also really cheap, there were four of us and we ended up spending about $40 for all the beers and $40 for the food.

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