Monday, October 27, 2008

Rosemary Toast

Clarklewis has this thing on their happy hour menu that is like savory french toast with melted cheese in it. I tried to replicate it at home, and amazingly, it turned out awesome. Here is what I did:

1. Beat with a fork:
1 egg
a little milk
salt, pepper, garlic powder (the holy trinity of suburban food)
dried rosemary

2. Soak two slices of New Seasons's's whole wheat levain in the egg stuff
3. Heat butter in a skillet. Drop the bread in the skillet, pour remaining egg stuff over the bread slices
4. Fry on both sides, shred some mozzerella and melt it on top.

YUM! It was so savory, and not just in a "something that has salt in it" way but really, you know, umami-y. I had it with a Widmer Drop Top amber ale, which is a pretty whatever beer, but the French toast somehow brought out some nice fruity notes.

Forget the bars - next time, happy hour's at my place!

Photo: Rosemary French toast. Skillet: William Temple House thrift store. Avocado green 1970s stove courtesy of American Property Management.

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