Sunday, November 1, 2009


It feels like New Year's day. Hungover and camped out on the sofa with the cat, looking at the wardrobe remix feed on Flickr. It is one of the things that make me happy.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of boots and tried them on with all of my outfits. They look great with everything I own, including a Wonder Bread costume.


Patty said...


Is this the Shoshana who grew up in Mt Kisco, NY, and who I used to pick up from kindergarten every day for about 6 months?

Patty Haley

Shoshanna said...

Nope. Sorry!

miss cavendish said...

Hi, Shoshanna,

Thanks for the link! And those boots are great. I'd wear them with everything from frilly frocks to shorts with tights . . .

Miss C

Shoshanna said...

How about with a velvet jacket for tromping across a meadow? Happy anniversary!