Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Beers

I've been having a really long cocktail moment but now it is undoubtedly time to welcome beer into one's life. Not the light and fizzy, down and dirty $2 tallboys of summer, but the heavy, creaky wooden ships: big-ass Belgians (that will give you a big ass), smoky Porters, stuff with coriander in it.

And yes, it's "holiday beer" time. Sometimes I don't really get what is so festive about the special releases other than their packaging and positioning, and a lot of brews that aren't marketed as "seasonal" say winter and holidays to me as much as anything (St. Bernardus ABT 12). More than anything though it's a good excuse to try something different which might end up being delicious, as happened last weekend at Spints, the ultimate setting for drinking winter beers. Here are my tasting notes that I took at the bar. Thanks Alyssa and Jacob for the research assistance.

Affligem Noel: A caramely winter warmer with a smooth body, brightened with a light carbonation around the edges and a surprisingly fresh-fruity-cherry nose. A high-ABV Belgian, it will fuck you up.

Heater Allen Seasonal Something or Other: Mostly marketing, a pleasant smokey-chocolate porter.

Then we continued the tasting at Victory.

Anchor Christmas Ale from 2009: Impressive for still existing, as well as for its remarkably mellow and blended flavor profile. A good argument for beer cellaring.

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