Saturday, December 18, 2010

Right Ici, Right Now

Dude, if you are ever in the Bay Area, and you like ice cream, you've gotta go to Ici on College Ave in Berkeley. It is a tiny, adorably sweet ice cream and candy shop where they make everything in-house and do some unusual flavors. Stuff like caramel-butternut ice cream sounds gimmicky until you try it, and you don't care how trendy it is because it transports you to another planet. The naturally creamy-caramel taste of roasted squash translates nicely to frozen yumminess, and when mixed with the extra (subtle) carameliness of actual caramel the end result is just really deep and gorgeous and nuanced and unexpected. Ici does pints, and they're great to pick up to bring to a gathering because for one thing pretty much everyone loves ice cream, and then also the weird flavors get people talking and tasting and thinking.

Ici Ice Cream, 2948 College Avenue, Berkeley, 510.665.6054

photo shamelessly lifted from their website

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