Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tequila Mockingbird

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Paul Clark has a truly inspiring feature on agave spirits in the Jan/Feb issue of Imbibe. Tequila is possibly my favorite spirit because it is so assertively flavorful, yet sadly lots of people hate it due to unpleasant memories of Daytona Beach. I hope that with all the premium tequilas and mezcals that have been coming out, and the ascendance of apple pucker as a new collegiate memory maker of choice, that will start to change, because I'm sick of getting raised eyebrows when I order tequila neat at a bar.

Paul's article gives a good breakdown of the production and classification of tequilas and mezcals (mezcal agave is roasted underground like Hawaiian pork, whoa), and details some really provocative, amazing-sounding cocktails bartenders have been shaking up (mezcal and amari, seriously?). I typically prefer tequila straight, in a good margarita or with other fresh-squeezed juices, but I think I could be persuaded to broaden my horizons. In Portland, my first impulse is to hit up Beaker & Flask and Teardrop (Kevin Ludwig created a killer carrot margarita awhile back, and I know Daniel is a fan of obscure mezcals) and see what they're up to in the agave department. Some people think tequila is just for summer but I strongly disagree - like Scotch, its earthy flavor is perfect for cooler months.

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