Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recession Proof Eating

Actually, I have a job. However, I spent all my money on clothes and liquor so I didn't go grocery shopping this week. But I have actually been eating really well with all the random stuff I had in the house that normally I am too lazy to cook, or that just sounds too boring to eat. None of it ended up being either boring or overly laborious, and I think I am going to make a lot of these things again next month so I can spend even more money on clothes and liquor.

Some highlights:

French green lentils cooked with garlic and pork neck (I violated my no shopping rule for the neck bones but it was possibly the best 50 cents I ever spent at New Seasons). Served with rapini from like two weeks ago that is miraculously still good, and some saltines left over from when I had swine flu.

Turkey chili-
I'd made some last week and frozen some. Never have defrosted leftovers been so exciting. I made the mistake of cooking it in cast iron so it ended up tasting like pan, but it was really good anyway. It had bell pepper, corn, and a bunch of spices Cook's Illustrated told me to use. Just enough meat to give it some nice texture.

With hella brown sugar, cinnamon, and some frozen blackberries I had around. With some nuts to make it last longer - they keep you full. But I like them on the side.

Corn omelettes-
Well more like a frittata. With frozen corn and seasoned with thyme. So delicious. I make these a lot. The perfect job for an 8-inch skillet.

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