Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fog Cutter

One thing I like about being an adult is that you can go out on a weeknight if you want to. On Tuesday I went with a friend to Thatch, which is one of those bars I love but hardly ever visit because it's more than 10 blocks from my apartment.

Thatch is a super gung-ho tiki bar, with a bunch of authentic, amazing decor from (I think) Trader Vic's and the Jasmine Tree. Mix blowfish lamps above the sunken bar, a giant clam shell holding paper towels in the bathroom, and dark, colorful lights with cheap vintage furniture and a small space, and you get an atmospheric but comfy and unpretentious... uh, beach hut? You can get fruity, tropical drinks and not be embarrassed, because that is the point, and classic tiki cocktails actually taste good. They have different kinds of rum and cherry heering and things like that. They will also fuck you up pretty good so take it slow - less drinking, more talking.

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