Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Love Hash

I normally don't like going out for breakfast because having to wait and deal with crowds when I'm hungry sets the stage for a toddler-style meltdown, which is even less cute in a grown woman. However, there are a couple places I like because they aren't crowded, and you can go in and have someone set a delicious plate of food in front of you relatively quickly, and eat it in relative peace. I am hesitant to talk about these places on my blog because I don't want them to start being crowded and annoying, but on the other hand, I do want them to stay in business so I can keep eating there.

So, OK, one great breakfast place is J&M Cafe on SE Ash, but don't tell anybody. Among other positive attributes, there are large windows that face south and east, letting in bright, warm, happy light. This morning they had corned beef hash on special and it was probably the best thing that happened today. Better even than going to watch the Blazers cream the Spurs, it was that good! Corned beef hash is heaven on a plate. It is everything good, all at once. This one had mushrooms, potatoes, onions, some other stuff, and big juicy chunks of corned beef. Served with a delicious English muffin and runny basted eggs. MMMMM!

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