Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late to the Party: Kale Chips

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I hate hype. The more something is hyped, the more it annoys me, which causes me to eschew things that might actually be really good ideas just on the grounds of their popularity.

One of the super annoying things that people won't shut up about is kale in general and kale chips in particular. Kale is good for you! And kale chips are surprisingly delicious and so easy to make! Blah, blah, blah. After several months of this, it occurred to me that they were something I would probably actually really like.

And guess what? I was right! I am officially jumping on the kale chip bandwagon and here is my obligatory food blog post about it.

Kale chips basically take my favorite way of cooking kale (which I discovered from Molly Wizenberg in her Bon Appetit column) to the next, crispier, charrier level. They are just kale leaves roasted with oil and salt. Roast just about anything with oil and salt and it will taste really good, but unlike more substantial veggies, which get sweet, tender and starchy when you roast them, kale gets REALLY CRISPY. And I love crispy. Slightly charred kale sometimes takes on a deep herbal/skunky flavor, which I find intriguing even though the skunk is not really my thing. Believe the hype - you will want to eat the whole batch in one sitting. I looked at a couple different recipes online and adapted them into an ultra lazy version. They would also probably be really good with freshly grated parm. Put cheese on just about anything and it will taste really good.

Kale Chips - Recipe

1 bunch dino kale
1 T olive oil
salt, maybe pepper and spices

Cut off the ends of the kale. Cut crosswise twice in equal-ish sections. Toss with oil. Throw them on a cookie sheet in a single layer, sprinkle with salt and whatever, and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, turning once. It might take two batches, they take up a lot of room. Kale chips!

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briarrose said...

Took me forever to try this out, but I do love them so. ;)