Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salad Days

Two discoveries:

1. Fresh, local, prewashed greens (because when it comes to salad I am lazy) from some farm in the Dalles.  $5 at New Seasons for a big old bag that lasts me all week. Summer is the only time I like salad so I'm eating it every day. "Salad" in this case equals greens, a few baby carrots and blue cheese dressing.

2. Paintbrush, a free Mac application that simulates my favorite ever program, Mac Paint, or rather, the Text Edit equivalent of Mac Paint. When I used to make zines in high school pretty much all of the illustrations that weren't done in ballpoint pen were done in Mac Paint on my family's Mac Plus. Creative Suite has always been kinda confusing for me to figure out, so this is right about my speed. Fun times!
Greens w/ baby carrots

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