Monday, August 25, 2008

Continental Breakfast

I know the best way to enjoy a good coffee's full flavor profile is French pressed. I know that moka pots don't make the best coffee in the world, but I still kind of love them anyway because a) they are cute, b) you can put a lot of milk in your coffee and then you're halfway to breakfast, and c) at 6:30 a.m. flavor profiles are the last thing on my radar.

When I was in the suburbs last weekend with my Spanish family I would stay up late reading, then wake up late, drink milky moka pot coffee with cookies, and loaf around. Vacation was great.

Top 5 Things to Eat with Coffee
1. Thick, chewy sourdough toast with butter and jam
2. Homemade mandelbread
3. Biscotti from Ken's
4. Rolls with mustard, cumin gouda, and ham
5. Rolls with nutella and rainbow sprinkles

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